I might want to begin a little conversation today about sugars… what’s more specifically, “white food varieties” as well as potatoes. One explanation I needed to make reference to this is on the grounds that so many wellbeings and wellness experts rubbish talk potatoes about being an awful carb decision in light of the great glycemic record. Some even express such crazy things as “stay away from all white starches”.

Alright, presently while I surely concur that white bread and refined white sugar are two of the most awful things we can be taking care of our bodies, I definitely disagree with staying away from all “white starches”. Presently I know all of the buzzes of late has been with regards to beautiful food sources and the defensive cancer prevention agents that they contain. They advise you to zero in on tones and avoid white.

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potatoes and glycemic index

“White Foods” aren’t really consistently the adversary

The facts really confirm that bright food varieties are incredible, yet it is a serious mix-up to explicitly stay away from white food varieties! There are a lot of white food sources that have explicit supplements that are elusive somewhere else. We should check out a couple of models…

Onions and Garlic

What might be said about onions and garlic? They are both white and they are crammed with defensive phytonutrients, nutrients, and minor elements that aren’t difficult to track down somewhere else in an ordinary eating regimen… such supplements as allicin, quercetin (a significant flavonoid), chromium, and other interesting mitigating supplements.

Indeed, onions are so strong for our wellbeing, that one investigation of centenarians (individuals that live to more than 100 years of age) recognized that a consistent idea of these incredibly solid people was that they ate a great deal of onions all through their lives. Furthermore, we additionally realize that garlic is one of the most remarkable substances for a solid invulnerable framework, among different characteristics.


One more instance of something white that is extraordinary for you is cauliflower. Cauliflower is stacked with L-ascorbic acid, fiber, minerals, and extraordinary mixtures, for example, glucosinolates and thiocyanates, which are explicitly bountiful in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. What’s more, and obscure, yet interesting bit of trivia is that a portion of the mixtures in cruciferous vegetables help to battle other estrogenic mixtures in our food supply and climate and can assist with forestalling abundance stomach fat. So eat up on that cauliflower!


Relatively few individuals understand this, however shockingly, even white mushrooms have undeniable degrees of exceptional supplements and cell reinforcements. White mushrooms are high in several kinds of cell reinforcements called polyphenols and ergothioneine. What’s more a few sorts of mushrooms, for example, portobello mushrooms, are shockingly great wellsprings of Vitamin D.


Presently that additionally drives us to another model – white potatoes (which coincidentally, can likewise be found in red, yellow, purple assortments, and so on) Numerous wellbeing experts guarantee that potatoes are an awful starch since they are remembered to have a high glycemic list. As a matter of first importance, on the off chance that you’ve perused my Fat Burning Kitchen program, you comprehend that the glycemic list isn’t really the main variable in picking your sugars.

While speculation can be made that most low glycemic list starch decisions will assist you with losing muscle to a fat ratio more straightforward than high glycemic list decisions, it isn’t so great. There are numerous different variables that decide how your body will respond to and process the starches you ingest, for example, glycemic load and furthermore the way in which you join the high GI food with different food varieties like protein, fiber, and fats, which all delayed down the assimilation of the ingested carbs.

For instance, utilizing glycemic load for instance… it is realized that watermelon has a high glycemic record. Nonetheless, the glycemic heap of an ordinary serving of watermelon is simply excessively low for your body to begin pressing on muscle versus fat since you ate a high glycemic record organic product. You would need to eat such a huge amount of watermelon just to get an adequate number of grams of carbs to have any negative glycemic impact, that it is simply non-sensical.

Also, that watermelon is additionally an incredible wellspring of nutrients, minerals, and lycopene. There’s not a great explanation to stay away from it essentially in light of the fact that it has a high GI. My point is… pieces of candy, cupcakes, and doughnuts make you fat … NOT watermelons, carrots, or potatoes … French fries are prohibited obviously since those are regularly singed in exceptionally provocative cooking oils.

Additionally, as I referenced, food blends are significant in how your body processes the starches and the related glucose and insulin reaction you get. For instance, assuming that you blend a high glycemic record starch with an additional wellspring of fiber, sound fats, or even specific proteins, ordinarily, the glucose and glycemic reaction will be dialed back extensively the manner in which you consolidated the food.

Okay, so back to my point that white potatoes are really a sound carb as long as you eat them in the right structure… furthermore kindly don’t demolish them profound broiling them into french fries all things considered! French fries are quite possibly the most ridiculously fiendish thing at any point designed for your wellbeing, however simply because we ruin them absorbing them a burning shower of trans fats in the profound fryer from the refined or hydrogenated vegetable oils that are regularly utilized.

Remember that potatoes contain such countless nutrients and minerals that the rundown is too long to even consider an evening attempt.

One Warning however about potatoes: Please note that potatoes in all actuality do contain low-level poisons called glycoalkaloids (it’s the plant’s security system) that are amassed in the skin, so it is smart to continuously strip potatoes prior to making any dishes with them. This article clarifies the poisons in potatoes and how to in any case appreciate potatoes while limiting the poisons.

Will 7-9 potatoes each day make you fatter?

On the subject of potatoes not being so terrible all things considered, I don’t recall where I saw this referred to, yet I as of late saw a specific report that had members eat around 7-9 entire potatoes each day for quite some time.

At the finish of the review, the potato eaters had very shed pounds! I’d go out on a limb that the explanation individuals shed pounds is that they were likely so full from eating those damn potatoes, that they really consumed fewer calories than ordinary! A normal estimated potato just has around 100-120 calories, and I can most likely envision you’d be full continually from eating 7-9 potatoes every day.

Obviously, this doesn’t imply that french fries are OK to eat! Those will just make you fat, and the fiery trans fats will prompt an early passing. Truly… fries are one of the most destructive food varieties in our food supply. Besides, rotisserie potatoes develop hazardous acrylamides from the singing oil responding with the starch, and these mixtures are cancer-causing.

In any case, back to the 7-9 entire potatoes each day… Presently I could never prescribe going to those limits, however, my point is that a periodic a few times each week won’t hurt your endeavors to get lean, particularly assuming you consolidate it for certain other sinewy vegetables and perhaps a solid fat and some protein. On that note, I have one of my beloved plans for you, utilizing potatoes.

Geary’s Lean-Body Potato Side Dish:

Wanted amount of child potatoes (I like to utilize this blend I found as of late at a wellbeing food store… it is a combination of white, red, yellow, and purple child potatoes)

1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 or 2 onions

several cloves of garlic, finely hacked (or squashed garlic from a container, natural ideally)

1 or 2 Tbsp additional virgin olive oil, grass-took care of margarine, or potentially virgin coconut oil (in some cases I blend a touch of every one of the 3)

little salt and pepper to taste (I like utilizing an ocean salt rather than typical business salt)

Cut the bapotatoes into slightly smaller pieces and place them in a steamer until soft all the way through. Slice up the peppers and onions into strips and add the chopped garlic into a pan with the olive oil and/or butter and/or coconut oil. Cook the peppers, onions, and garlic until tender, and then add the steamed bapotatoes. Stir it all together and serve. This is a delicious and healthy side dish that goes great with chicken or grass-fed red meat.

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potatoes and glycemic index
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