Erectile dysfunction is a common problem faced many men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to develop or sustain an erection long enough during sexual intercourse. This condition can affect the sex life of many couples and is a real cause for concern. It can have an especially damaging effect on the self-esteem of men faced with this problem. To understand how to prevent erectile dysfunction, it is important to first understand what causes this condition. This article shares 6 lesser known factors that may cause erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a dreaded condition faced many unfortunate men. Besides being unable to fully enjoy sex himself, he is also unable to provide the sexual gratification to his partner. In some cases, it also causes tremendous psychological pressure and emotional stress to the man as he feels inadequate when he is unable to perform in bed. In worse cases, it can cause a relationship to fail and marriage to dissolve.

While there are many ways and remedies offered on the internet on curing erectile dysfunction in men, it is more important to know what causes the condition in the first place. Only knowing the factors that cause it can we then try to prevent it from happening. Prevention is always better than cure. Here are 6 factors that may cause erectile dysfunction.

1. Depression. Depression not only reduces your interest in sex, it severely affects your ability to perform during sexual intercourse. Depression produces a biochemical component that makes it difficult to develop and sustain an erection. Not being able to perform well or up to expectation in bed can worsen the depression in men and in turn propagate the erectile dysfunction problem. It is a vicious cycle. Certain anti-depression drugs may also cause sexual problems which include erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and loss of sexual stamina and drive. Be sure to check with your doctor on any medication that you take.

2. High blood pressure. Good blood circulation to the penis is important to develop and sustain an erection. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it probably means that the blood vessels are damaged in the body making them less able to transport the required volume of blood to the penis quick enough for an erection to take place. Again, certain medications used for treating high blood pressure may also cause erectile dysfunction. While you should not stop your doctor’s prescribed medication on your high blood pressure condition, making healthy lifestyle changes such as eating more healthily and getting more exercise can help to lower your blood pressure so that you don’t need to take the medications any longer.

3. Cycling. Long-distance biking has been proven to increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. In a review article the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 4 percent of male bikers who spent 3 hours per week on the bicycle suffer mild to severe erectile dysfunction compared to 1 percent of runners of the same age. Sitting prolonged duration on a bike exerts pressure on the nerves and arteries that transport blood to the penis. These arteries may become damaged over time resulting in hampered blood flow to the penis which causes the dreaded condition.

4. Your partner being on “very good” terms with your buddies. Having your wife or girlfriend spending more time with your buddies than you do and enjoying herself tremendously while she is at it may cause you to increase your risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is according to new research in the American Journal of Sociology. This has partly got to do with the social perceptions of masculinity in men and how psychological factors can play a big role in your sexual performance.

5. Gum disease. Gum disease shows that you are suffering from overall poor health. It is also shown to be connected to increased risk of heart disease which is another factor for causing erectile dysfunction. Gum disease and heart disease may be resulted from a problem with blood flow and circulation in the body and is likely that the poor blood flow and circulation also affect other parts of the body including the penis.

6. Drugs for hair loss. Certain medication for treating hair loss may produce undesirable side effects including erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual drive in men. These drugs cause a reduced level of testosterone which is the male sex hormone responsible for maintaining a healthy sex drive. This hormonal change in the body may lead to the inability to develop an erection in men.

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