Turn Off Your Fat-Making Enzymes To Lose Weight

While everyone is aware of how difficult it is to lose weight as you get older, not everyone is aware of the solutions. Everything you try seems to either fail or temporarily give you false hope. The potential to like what you see in the mirror starts to give way to a daydream.

The “Amylase Enzymes” in your stomach are where it all begins. The “paper shredders” of the belly are what they are known as.

Your amylase enzymes digest your meal after you consume it, converting it to small pieces of fat. And your stomach sticks to all of these “shreds.”

However, what if you could disable these fat-producing enzymes so that your meal simply passes through and emerges as #2? WITHOUT getting stuck inside your stomach?

With a specific kind of “amylase inhibitor,” you can. Your amylase enzymes will be turned off, preventing your meals from converting into fat.

Use Amyl Guard as an “amylase inhibitor.” All you have to do is take an amylase inhibitor like Amyl Guard after each meal. Even as you indulge in as much food as you like, watch the pounds slide right off. No matter what you consume, it still works. Your meals won’t be able to turn into fat in your stomach.

Use AMYL GUARD (AMYLASE INHIBITOR) to stop your stomach’s fat-producing enzymes from working.


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