Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Even though having erectile dysfunction isn’t the most enjoyable experience for a man, it’s best to disclose having it so that the causes can be found and therapy can be started.

Numerous factors, including heavy drinking and smoking as well as major medical conditions, can contribute to erectile dysfunction. The process of getting an erection begins with stimulation, to which the neurological system reacts sending more blood to the penis. Erectile dysfunction develops if there is a break in the link anywhere.

Often, psychological factors are to blame. For shorter or longer periods of time, erectile dysfunction is frequently caused stress, exhaustion, sadness, bad sentiments between the couples, and a dread of not being able to have sex.

However, physical factors are the most common reason for erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it might be one of the early indications of a serious illness.

There are numerous medical disorders that might impair erections, some of which include nerve, artery, and cardiovascular system damage, diabetes, kidney illness, alcoholism, sclerosis, neurological diseases, etc. The nerves and arteries in the penile region might become damaged during surgery, particularly prostate and bladder cancer surgery. Other organ injuries, such as those to the back, prostate, bladder, etc., may also have an impact. It is estimated that an illness of some kind is the root cause of erectile dysfunction in roughly 70% of all instances.

The reasons for erectile dysfunction also include lifestyle factors (smoking, drinking, being overweight, and not exercising enough) and adverse effects of medications used to treat other conditions. Erectile dysfunction can also be brought on hormonal issues (low testosterone).

Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who can more accurately pinpoint the causes and provide treatment if you or your partner frequently experience erectile dysfunction and this does not alter when psychological causes are removed.

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