The Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program

The Cinderella Solution is a program created to make it easy for you to lose weight using two ingredients found in your kitchen cabinet. Carly, the woman behind this awesome program had struggled with weight loss for years and only succeeded after using this product. She created this program to make it easy for women between the age of 20 and 65 to regain control of their bodies.

Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution is a system that targets women over 25 finding it hard to shed their excess pounds. According to a new study, the hormonal transition that women experience from adolescence to menopause affects their metabolism in such a way that it becomes almost impossible for them to maintain a healthy shape or lose weight.

Through this online four-phase weight loss system, you’ll learn how to reactivate your metabolism and tremendously increase fat-burning through a unique two-step ritual.

The good thing about Cinderella Solutions is that you do not require any special ingredients to get the weight loss you’re looking for. Most of what is taught in the program can be found in your kitchen or your local grocery.

The steps you’ll learn here have been used by Japanese women for years who are known to live longer and weigh a lot less than their counterparts across the Atlantic.

Carly Donovan is the author of Cinderella Solution. Once she succeeded in reducing her weight and even opened a weight loss center. However, even after winning awards and appearing in national interviews, she began to gain weight again even though she had changed her diet!

Later, Carly rose to become one of the most determined women on matters of weight and it’s here that she decided she wanted to show women how to lead healthier lives.

How Cinderella Solution Works

Naturally, the female metabolism process works in such a way that it only craves weight gain to prepare the body for childbearing. Cinderella Solution targets this process without damaging your hormones as is the case with most weight reducing plans marketed today. Furthermore, there is no fear of fat reappearing after using this method.

Cinderella Solution syncs with your fat-burning hormones enabling them to work faster. Therefore, you will lose excess weight without starving yourself. What’s more, contrary to other weight loss methods that adversely affect the immune system, this program builds your defenses against common illnesses and diseases.

This program is divided into four parts:

  • First, you’ll learn about little-known but highly effective weight loss rituals that will change how you think about body fats and weight loss in general.
  • Carly also shares with you simple tools to help you along the weight loss journey including food recipes, daily meal plans, and a 14-day calendar.
  • You’ll also discover valuable food pairing rituals such as ANGEL Carbs, POWER Carbs, ROYAL Fats, and PRIME Proteins.
  • This program also shows you the right meal timing and how it affects your weight loss pursuits.


Main Manual – The Cinderella Solution eBook

Once you complete your order, you’ll get the main manual that explains the four key phases of weight loss. They include an overview of this program, how to use the ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’, a guide on exercising, and the top 10 flavor pairs and weight reduction combinations.

You will also receive the following:

  • A Quick Start Guide to show you how and where to get started with this weight loss plan.
  • A Recipe Playbook that shows you the ingredients to look for before you can embark on your weight loss journey.
  • The Guilt-free Dessert Guide that explains why you shouldn’t abandon your sweet tooth entirely even while you watch your weight.
  • A Video Exercise Guide illustrating easy but highly effective exercises for losing weight fast at home.
  • 21 Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  • Movement Sequencing Activity Guide


  • This “carb-pairing” ritual has been effectively used in Japan for years unlike most of the solutions recommended by TV doctors.
  • You’ll continue eating “comfort food” and still lose significant weight fast.
  • Using this method, it will be difficult for the excess weight to reappear unlike in the case of most highly publicized weight-losing methods.
  • You also don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight using this program.
  • Cinderella Solution does not require you to purchase special items or ingredients to get results.
  • You also have 60 days to check if this method works for you or not. If not, you’re free to ask for a full refund.


  • This being an online product, you need an internet connection to download and learn about it.
  • You also have to spend some time learning how to follow the meal plan, do workouts, and cook up the recipes before you can begin seeing results.

Cinderella Solution is worth trying. Thousands of women have shared their positive experiences and results online. This online system will enable you to melt away some weight, reclaim your health, and even love.

Cinderella Solution comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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